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Alaska's Northland Inn, Trapper Creek

Activities in Summer and Winter, Spring and Fall

Alaska’s Northland Inn, Trapper Creek
Rustic Furniture Classes
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Make it a personalized furniture class! Or create some yard art! If you would like to build something other than a chair, I've listed a few choices. I would like all those participating in the class to agree on building the same item(s). Bob and I will gather the appropriate wood just before the class date.

Class Ratings: level of difficulty: 1 (novice/not so tedious) ---5 (more time consuming or tedious)

Design Your Own Class

Bldg Time hours Rating
Dog Sleds ( miniature) 3 2
Chairs - small child size, or potted plant size 5-8 3
Full size Chair 8-12 4-5
Tables (child or end table size) 3- 3
Foot Stools (child or full size) 2-3 2
Tripod Plant Planter (approx. 3.5' tall) 6-8 5
Floor Plant Planter (build to suit yourself) 2-4 2
Wall Planter: Log Cabin Style 2-3 2
Wall Planter : Round Willow Style 4-6 5
Rustic Wheel Barrow 5-8 5
Trellis 1-2 1-2
Sitting Bench 4-6 3
Head Board 2-4 2

Guided Snow Machine Tours

Alaska's Northland Inn, Trapper Creek, Petersville Road, Open Year Round