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Alaska's Northland Inn, Trapper Creek

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Alaska’s Northland Inn, Trapper Creek
Rustic Furniture Classes
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The class can be taught during the week as well as a weekend. Just call to check class availability. We can always work something out to fit your schedule. The summer time classes run from mid June until mid September. The typical schedule for a class is check in to the Inn around 11:00 am…get settled, have some lunch and meander around to look at the chairs and other yard art at Northland Inn. This will get your creative juices flowing! The class will start around 12:00. On the first day you will work on the sturdy frame. Its construction will support up to 250 pounds! The first day might last until around 5:00 or 6:00pm. After resting, hob-knobbing around the covered gazebo fire or playing a game or two of pool in the common room, you will relax and have time to think about how you want to embellish your chair with the willow. The second day will begin around 10:00am. The twisted willow arms, backs and comfortable seats will put the finishing touches on your “chair with an attitude!”

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Alaska's Northland Inn, Trapper Creek, Petersville Road, Open Year Round
Debbie Siebert,, Talkeetna, Alaska